As a community of faith at Grovedale Baptist we seek to express the truth of our corporate life in the following ways:

  • We believe that the church is not a building or an institution but a living body of people who are called together to live in a quality of community life that expresses the grace of Christ.
  • Recognising that coming to faith is a journey, the church community includes all who have contact with the Grovedale Baptist Church through its life and ministry.
  • We believe that God is calling us to be a caring community of grace in which an essential part of our community life is the spiritual, emotional and practical support of each other.  This support is to be built on love and is to be an expression of God’s love.
  • We believe that Jesus calls us to grow into this quality of relationship. In recognition that this is an ongoing process we will actively pursue the changes required, both individually and corporately, as an act of obedience to Jesus who is the Head of the church.
  • We believe that we are commissioned by  Jesus to intentionally engage the immediate and wider community with the good news of Jesus.  This commitment to mission will flow from our relationship with Jesus and from our life together as a community of grace.  Taking on the responsibility of caring for those whom God brings into our church community and the responsibility of reaching out in love to those that God directs us to in the wider community.  
  • We believe that this model of ‘caring in a community of grace’ should be used to test everything that we do as a church.