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We at Grovedale Baptist believe that the Second Half of Life presents many possibilities for personal and spiritual growth.  Richard Rohr in his book ‘Falling Upward’ suggests that the second half of life is a time to fill out the meaning of the identity you established in the first half  of your life.  Therefore we believe that we as a church should be actively engaging and supporting this part of the life journey.  We seek to do this by providing a worshipping community that provides a variety of ministry opportunities and spiritual experiences to enrich the lives of those in the second half of life.

Second Half of Life

Friendship Group   We all need a place where we can get to know other people and enjoy a social time together.  Our Friendship Group  meets on the first, third and fifth Mondays of each month at the church from 1.30pm -3.30pm.  The regular activities are carpet bowls, board games and afternoon tea.  On occasions there will be a speaker or an excursion to a place of interest. The group is for those who are retired and looking for friendship and an opportunity to enjoy some casual activity together.   If you are interested in getting involved or simply want to learn more then contact Mona on 52436296.

Kids Hope:  This is a mentoring program under the auspices of Kids Hope AUS.  Our church is connected to our local Primary School where we provide one on one mentoring for children identified by the school as those who would benefit from the program.  A mentor provides one hour of time each week with a child engaging with the child in a variety of activities. All of our mentors are in the second half of life and see this program as a way of making a positive impact  on the life of children in our community.  We have been involved in this mentoring program for over 5 years.